Rainer Wess – Kremstal

Rainer and Christina Wess are a father and daughter team making some of the most exciting Grüner Veltliner and Riesling wines in Austria! Since Rainer founded his winery in 2003, they now own around 15 hectares of vines in prime position along the Danube in the Kremstal wine region, about 50 minutes drive north west of Vienna.

They have always tended their vineyard sustainably, with total care and respect for the environment. They do not use herbicides or pesticides in the vineyards, nor any artifial sprays. In early 2021 they made the decision to convert fully to organic winemaking, which will take around 3 years to achieve certification. All grapes are carefully hand picked to ensure that only healthy and ripe grapes go into the press to produce their wines.

Their wines are deliciously clean, fresh, fruity and intense. And great value for the excellent quality they deliver in every bottle. This is without doubt a producer to watch over the coming years, with big potential for the future!