Paul Liversedge

Real Wines is run by Paul Liversedge, Switzerland’s second Master of Wine and one of only around 370 in the world. Paul is British but has lived and worked in Switzerland since 2005. He originally trained as an accountant but his passion for wine and travel soon overcame his interest in balance sheets, and in 1993 he started working in the wine trade. He has 25 years’ experience in premium wine retailing, having previously worked as a wine buyer for Thresher’s in the UK, General Manager for Watson’s Wine Cellars in Hong Kong, and Fine Wine Manager for Badaracco in Switzerland.

He set up Real Wines in the Summer of 2009 with a very simple goal: to sell only wines which give great pleasure and enjoyment to his customers, in a friendly, relaxed but efficient style, and at prices which are very fair for the quality in the bottle.
Paul now writes regularly about wine in the Swiss press, is a member of Swiss Airlines’ wine tasting panel, and enjoys running a variety of wine tastings, seminars and education classes for customers and students. Please contact him directly for further information about his tastings and services.


At Real Wines we believe in giving our customers an outstanding wine-drinking experience every time they buy from us.

We believe that wines made as naturally as possible, with the minimum use of chemicals or additives in the vineyard or the winery, produce the best results. For this reason we focus strongly on selling organic and biodynamic wines.

We believe in wines which have a real sense of place, whether that be the sun-baked hills of the Barossa or the marginal riverside slopes of the Loire valley.

We believe that life is too short for ordinary wine!


What makes Real Wines different to Switzerland’s other 2000+ wine merchants?

  • Every wine in our selection is carefully chosen to give absolute pleasure on every occasion, whether it be at the end of a hard day′s work, when entertaining with friends or when celebrating a special occasion. We want you to feel as passionate about our wines as we do!
  • We genuinely want to give our customers a good deal and a friendly and efficient shopping experience. Due to our low overheads we are able to keep our costs and selling prices competitive, and thanks to our state of the art warehouse and logistics set up in conjunction with Planzer Transport AG in Vilmergen, we can deliver perfectly stored wines anywhere in Switzerland within five working days.
  • Our range is purposely different to that of most other wine merchants in Switzerland. We are experts in French wines, where we passionately believe that there is so much more to France than “just” Bordeaux and Burgundy, and we specialise in New World wines. Our range of New Zealand and Australian wines is market-leading, and we work with one carefully-selected top quality producer from each of Chile, Argentina, California and Oregon.
  • We want to make your buying decisions as easy as possible. For this reason we have a focussed range, every wine of which is a perfect example of its style. Wine can be confusing; we will do everything possible to make it easier to understand, from giving clear information on each of our wines to holding courses and tastings which educate, clarify and hopefully inspire!
  • We offer a comprehensive range of fine wine services, aimed at helping those starting their own wine cellar, to those looking for that special anniversary wine, to those interested in buying fine wine as an alternative form of investment.

We allocate each of our “non-fine” wines a star-rating, up to a maximum of 5 stars. We only sell wines which we believe are excellent examples of their style and place of origin. A one or two star wine in our range reflects a very good wine but at a lower price; quality has to be judged versus wines of a similar style but at different price points. We use the following very simple scoring system: