D’Oliveiras – Madeira

D’Oliveiras is an old family firm which has produced fine Madeiras from 1850.They have a wonderful stock of rare single vintage Madeiras produced only in the best quality vintages of the last 150 years. Grapes are sourced from a selection of vineyards throughout the island and fortified during fermentation with grape spirit to stop further fermentation. The wines are then aged in large vats and barrels stored under the rafters of the D’Oliveiras warehouse, where they are subject to the baking heat of the summer and the deep cold temperatures of winter. Only when the wines are ordered by a customer do they leave these casks for bottling. This method of vinification is unique to Madeira and is responsible for the complex and totally individual range of flavours in the wine.

We have tasted through a large range of their older vintages and carefully selected the wines we liked the most; not an easy job because every wine without exception in their range was extremely good! Please cast aside any ideas you may have that Madeira is no more than an old man’s drink; every one of the wines below will thrill and amaze you. Perfect as an aperitif or after dinner drink any time from September to April when the temperatures outside cool down.