Unique and exotic – vintage Madeiras from D’Oliveiras!

The exotically beautiful island of Madeira, lying 1,000kms south west of Lisbon in the middle of the Atlantic, is one of the wine world’s oldest and best kept secrets. Madeira began to produce its fortified style of wine back in the 17th century, mainly for use on ships sailing across the Atlantic to the Americas. In fact, during the 17th and 18th centuries, Madeira wine was perhaps THE most popular luxury beverage in Europe!

Sadly since then this rich, full bodied fortified wine with 20% alcohol and a huge range of flavours of dried raisins, prunes, spice, nuts and orange peel has faded almost into obscurity. But there are a handful of traditional, family-owned Madeira producers such as the D’Oliveiras family, who refuse to allow their unique style of wine to be lost, and who are now making better quality wines than ever before!

Explore our diverse range of old vintage Madeiras from D’Oliveiras and discover for yourself why this wine was so much loved in olden times!