Stanton and Killeen – Victoria – Rutherglen

Rutherglen is the sunniest of all Australia’s wine regions, particularly in the Autumn, as well as being reliably warm and dry. This climate is critical in the production of late harvested Muscat grapes, as it allows the grapes to gain maximum sugar and ripeness with minimum risk of disease.
Stanton and Killeen started producing liqueur Muscats way back in 1864, and are consistently the highest acclaimed producers of this uniquely Australian style of fortified wine. The fermented and fortified wines are aged for years in old oak casks in a solera system, very similar to one you would find in Jerez (sherry). Because of the heat in the barrel rooms, each barrel loses around 5% of its contents per year through evaporation, gradually turning these wines into the “world’s richest and most concentrated wines.