Rock Rose – Caithness

Martin Murray and his wife Claire started making Rock Rose gins in their Dunnet Bay Distillery in 2014. Dunnet Bay is an incredibly beautiful beach in the far north of Scotland, about 20 miles west of John o’Groats and 40 miles south of the Orkney Islands.

They use locally foraged botanicals from the rugged, windswept clifftops to give Rock Rose gin and vodka their unique and multi award winning flavours. Rock Rose Gin was awarded Scotland’s Gin Distillery of the year in 2019, which is a huge accomplishment for a small, family run distillery in a country which is packed with distilleries!

Their special ingredients or botanicals include the local “Rhodiola Rose”, which has been growing along these clifftops for hundreds of years and – so legend has it – was consumed by the Vikings before battles to give them extra strength and vitality.

All Rock Rose gins and vodkas are bottled in beautiful, hand-painted ceramic bottles, making the brand distinctive and easy to recognise. They were the first distillery to launch a seasonal range of gins – one of many successful results of Claire’s amazing creativity and marketing flair!