All wines personally selected by Master of Wine Paul Liversedge!

Our Spring tasting will focus on wines which truly express their unique terroirs.

Taste over 60 fascinating “terroir-wines” from some of the world’s oldest vines and best respected biodynamic producers. The wines will be split into 3 categories:

  • Wines from old vines more than 50 years old
    As vines get older, their roots dig deeper and they produce smaller grapes and lower yields. The resulting wines tend to have better balance and more minerality and concentration of flavour than younger vines. The deep roots help provide the grapes and wine with the ultimate personality of their terroir.
  • Wines from biodynamic or organic producers
    When no chemicals are used in the vineyard and the soils are literally “alive”, the grapes and resulting wines coming from these soils taste much more vibrant and mineral. Biodynamic viticulture helps give a wine a real sense of place and soul.
  • Terroir-typical wines from the New World
    Vines and vineyards in many parts of the New World are younger than in the classic regions of Europe, yet certain regions have very clearly developed their own unique personality and style of wine.

This will be a relaxed, walkabout tasting with the opportunity to taste and discuss personally with some of our producers.

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