Georg Fromm - Graubünden

Weingut Georg Fromm – Malans, Graubünden

Recently recognised as one of Switzerland’s top 6 winemakers by the respected Schweizerische Weinzeitung, Georg Fromm is a modest, understated character with a total commitment to producing wines which reflect their terroir. You sense both his character and his terroir in his wines. They are wines you need to think about; not fruit-forward, jump-out-of-the-glass and hit-you-in-the-face examples rather wines which, in a more vinous, French/Burgundian style, are best enjoyed with food. Each wine from his range is as fresh and pure in flavour as the crystal clear skies you so often find in this secluded corner of Alpine Switzerland!

Weingut Florin - Schaffhausen

Weingut Florin – Stein am Rhein

Stein am Rhein is certainly not one of the world’s better-known wine regions! But when you visit the dramatically steep, south-facing vineyards of Weingut Florin you are reminded of the very best terroirs along the Mosel or Rhine rivers in Germany; this vineyard site surely has huge potential!

Gifted young winemaker Andreas Florin took over these prime vineyards rising behind the picturesque village of Stein-am-Rhein only 10 years ago. In this short space of time he has produced a range of wines of impressive quality, proving that if you combine genuine winemaking talent, hard work and an ideal grape-growing location then you can make excellent wine.

His Chardonnay is very fine and elegant, cool and crisp but with gentle peach fruit and extremely subtle vanilla oak. It is long on the finish with almost Burgundian minerality. His Pinot Noir is surprisingly fruity – red and black cherry – with gentle tannins, fresh acidity and again the minerality on the finish which is a sign of a very good terroir. If this is what he can do in only his second vintage then the future for Andreas Florin is very bright indeed!

Histoire d’Enfer - Valais

Histoire d’Enfer – Valais

This young winery based near Sion is making some of the most impressive Syrah and aromatic whites from local Swiss grape varieties we have tried. Their whole range is of excellent quality, and we have cherry-picked our favourites below.