on the rocks

The boom in premium quality, micro-distillery gins just keeps on growing! And nowhere have more new gin distilleries opened up in recent years than in the UK. Here are 3 of the best, perfect served with a slice of lime on the rocks.

Martin Miller’s Gin for Arctic Clarity, London, England at CHF39.50/bt

This was the pioneer of the recent premium gin revolution, started in 1999 and now the most highly awarded gin on the market. It is distilled in traditional “London-dry” style using only the finest Indian junipers and other ingredients, and diluted to its 40% alcoholic strength using the purest, mineral-imbued spring waters from Northern Iceland! Rich, pure and dry, with a very long finish.

Gordon Castle Gin from Speyside, North East Scotland at CHF49.50/bt

Made using herbs and fruits grown in the walled garden of Gordon Castle – for over 600 years the ancestral home of Clan Gordon – this has an unmistakable taste of the Highlands, with notes of sweet heather, mint and lavender. A classic, well-structured and very noble gin.

Rock Rose Gin from Dunnet Bay, Caithness, Northern Scotland at CHF49.50/bt

Rock Rose Gin is the Scottish Mainland’s most northerly Gin, produced in wild and rugged Dunnet Bay, even further north than John ‘o Groats! It is a small, family owned, and quality- focussed distillery, and their gin packaging is one of the most eye-catching and unique of all today’s new wave of premium gins. The gin itself is zesty and flavourful but surprisingly smooth. It is hand-crafted with an infusion of traditional and local botanicals, hand-foraged from local cliffs and forests. The precious botanicals are blessed with the freshest air and purest water from the Scottish Highlands. Pure, fresh and delicious!