Domaine Zind Humbrecht – Alsace

Olivier Humbrecht is one of the master white winemakers of the world, both in his Master of Wine qualification but principally in the incredible quality he brings to every wine in his range. A biodynamic fanatacist, his vineyards are as healthy, natural and “alive” as any vineyard you will ever see, and in combination with his winemaking methods – clean pressed juice, long slow fermentation in large old oak vats using only natural yeasts, and plenty of time on the lees – produce wines of incredible fruit intensity, complexity and minerality.

Every wine in his range, at every price point, is a stunning example of its individual terroir and grape. If you enjoy rich, complex, fruit-packed wines with minerality and wonderful balancing acidity, then these are the wines for you. His Rieslings are built to last for 20 years, Gewurztraminers are so full of flavour that they are a meal in themselves, and Pinot Gris are the benchmark throughout the world in this varietal.