Domaine Binet Jacquet – Faugères

Faugères is a beautiful, hilly region about 40kms north of Carcassonne in South West France’s Languedoc region. What makes it so special for vines is its ruggedly schisty, stony soils. Binet Jacquet work their vines 100% biodynamically which gives the resulting wines an unmistakable minerality and freshness.

Olivier Binet is a Swiss winemaker who is convinced of this wonderful region’s potential to make great wines. Together with his colleague, Pierre Jacquet, they purchased this domaine in 1999 and planted all the vineyards themselves between 2002 and 2007. Their first, small vintage was in 2005.

Their wines have a distinct freshness and vitality, particularly for this warm region. This is in part due to the fairly high altitudes of around 400 metres of their vines and the cool night time temperatures that result, and partly because of their practice of biodynamic viticulture, which gives the wines a distinctive liveliness and taste of their schistous, mineral soils.