Chateau Thivin – Côte de Brouilly, Beaujolais

Chateau Thivin is the oldest wine estate in Mont Brouilly and one of the very best producers in Beaujolais. The Geoffroy family purchased this beautiful chateau situated on the slopes of Mont Brouilly in 1877. Today the business remains very much a family affair; Claude Vincent is gradually handing over responsibility for the vineyards and winemaking to his son Claude Edouard, and daughter Sonja, who are doing a fantastic job! The quality of this chateau’s wines is exemplary across the range, and they even make a memorable Beaujolais nouveau!

Mont Brouilly is the highest hill in the Beaujolais region and has a very special blue volcanic rocky terroir which gives the Gamay grapes a distinctly spicy minerality, complexity and firm structure.  The family own 7 different vineyards on the steep slopes of this famous hill, each with its own distinct personality; “La Chapelle” at the top of the hill is excellent in warm vintages and “Godefroy” with its very old (80-100 year old) vines makes wines of impressive ageworthiness. “Les Sept Vignes” is a blend of their 7 vineyards and an excellent reflection of this hill’s unique terroirs. Finally, Cuvée Zaccharie is a blend of their finest grapes which are aged for 11 months in barrels. This wine can be kept for several years in bottle.

They also own vineyards in neighbouring Brouilly, where the pink granite soils give the wines delicate, aromatic fruit flavours, silky tannins and finesse.