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Life's to short... ...for ordinary wine

Why buy fine wines?

What is a fine wine? Quite simply, it's a wine from one of the best terroirs in the world which has the ability to improve in bottle over many years.
Fine wines only start to open up, to develop extra layers of aroma and flavour after around 10 years. Sometimes they can continue to evolve for 30 to 50 years, with the best examples from the best vintages able to delight at anything up to 80 years.

It is this gradual change in style and increase in complexity and flavour profile which makes fine wines so fascinating.
Fine wines are generally produced in marginal climates where each vintage is very different. Not only do they reflect their specific vineyard site and grape, but also the unique weather patterns during the year in which their grapes grew.
It is for all these reasons that we are passionate about fine wines. No, you can't drink them every day because they are by their very rarity and status expensive. But when you do have the opportunity to try them, they can give your senses an experience they will never forget.
Wine lovers are in constant search of that moment of pure unadulterated pleasure that the right wine drunk at the right time is able to provide; the golfer's equivalent of a hole in one or the footballer's dream overhead bicycle kick which once in a blue moon actually comes off.

That's why we love fine wines!