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Vina Falernia, Elqui Valley, Chile

Vina Falernia is quite simply our most exciting - and best value - wine discovery of the year, proof beyond all doubt that Chile is capable of making excellent quality wines at very reasonable prices.

It is Chile’s most northerly winery, based in the young, up and coming, and superb quality potential Elqui Valley about 500km north of Santiago. The climate here is dry and warm - with less than 100mms of rainfall a year and beautifully clear blue skies throughout the growing season. During the night, cool winds from the Pacific Ocean a few kms to the west and the Andes mountains to the east cause dramatic reductions in temperature, giving the grapes amazingly intense flavours and aromas and a refreshing acidity. All grapes are grown organically on their own roots, unlike most other wine regions of the world where they need to be grafted onto American rootstocks.

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Pedro Ximenez 2012  CHF15.00
Dry, with refreshing acidity, medium body and very pleasant aromatic fruit .Usually this grape is picked late - when shrivelled and raisined - to make sweet sherries in Jerez, so this bone dry example is completely unique!

Sauvignon Blanc 2012  CHF16.00
Remarkably fresh, crisp and aromatic, with delightful grapefruit and asparagus fruit flavours. This is an excellent example of Chilean Sauvignon, just a touch fuller and riper than a New Zealand example.

Viognier 2012  CHF16.00
The Viognier grape originates from Condrieu in the Northern Rhone Valley, but rarely does it come close to this level of quality elsewhere. This example is however hugely impressive with typical peach and apricot fruit, refreshing acidity and true varietal character. Lovely if you want to try a “different” flavour of white wine.


Carmenère 2012  CHF16.00
The Carmenere grape was originally grown in Bordeaux, but is now almost unique to Chile. This is very ripe and fruity with smooth tannins and a long finish. You will love it!

Sangiovese 2012  CHF16.00
Vibrant acidity and sweet dark cherry fruit, with a long finish. Much smoother and with less abrasive tannins than most Italian Sangiovese; very easy to enjoy.

Syrah 2010  CHF16.00
Dark pepper and dark woodland fruit flavours combined with fresh acidity and hints of spice. Fairly full bodied, smooth and fruity; excellent value!

Pinot Noir Reserva 2012  CHF25.00
Wow! This is really complex, intense and varietally true Pinot Noir, with wonderful flavours of forest floor, red cherry and hints of truffles. With its fresh acidity, ripe fruit flavours and medium body it is an excellent example of this grape at this price.

Carmenere Reserva 2012  CHF25.00
Amazing Carmenère! This has a core of fresh, intense acidity, soft tannins and very ripe, slightly sweet dark fruit with none of the hallmark greenness one often finds in this grape.

Syrah Reserva 2010  CHF25.00
50% of the grapes in this wine were matured in French and American oak barrels to give an extra level of depth and complexity. Lovely rich, ripe blackberry fruit and noticeable spice and black pepper. Delicious from start to its very long finish!

Number One 2010 (Cabernet blend)  CHF30.00
Produced only in tiny volumes, this blend of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Syrah and 25% Carmenère is produced from Falernia’s best vines. The Cabernet and Syrah were then matured for 12 months in French oak barrels, and the Carmenère in American to give this deep, rich, full bodied and intensely fruity red.