Refreshing whites and fruity reds for the barbecue!

Don’t miss these 4 deliciously refreshing whites and flavour-packed reds we have on offer now!

The vibrantly fresh and zesty Swiss white wine is one of our favourite examples of the Chasselas grape, grown just outside Lausanne.

Pecorino is a special local white grape to the Abruzzi mountains of central Italy, and this biodynamic example if full of freshness and uniquely italian character.

Both whites are perfect as an apero or with light summer dishes, whilst both the following reds we have specially selected to go with your barbecues!

The Petite Bellane Cotes du Rhone comes from the magnificent 2016 vintage and is bursting with the flavours of Southern France – ripe, fresh red fruits, provencale herbs and spice.

And our top drinking tip for this Summer comes from old Zinfandel and Carignan vines in Sonoma, California. Made by a supremely talented young winemaker Morgan Petersen Master of Wine, this is full bodied, fruit-packed and full of character. Great value and the perfect barbecue red!