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Life's to short... ...for ordinary wine

Our fine wine storage services

If you're spending the significant amounts of money required to buy the best fine wines, then you need to make sure that you store your purchases in perfect conditions.
Only then will they hit the peaks in quality they are capable of
And if you ever decide you'd rather resell a case of fine wine than drink it yourself, the wine's resale value will also be maximised if it has been stored perfectly over its lifetime

If you buy your fine wines from Real Wines we would be happy to store your wines in our secure and perfectly equipped cellars near Zürich
The temperature in our cellars is a constant 14-16 degrees Centigrade and your wines would only be moved when you ask for them to be delivered to you

Our storage charges, including insurance and all other costs, are CHF 2.- per bottle per year, so CHF 24.- per case of 12 bottles per annum

If you have wines you would like to store with us, then we would be happy to do this if you spend over CHF 1’500.- on buying wine from Real Wines first.