Start the new year off “naturally”!

It’s new year which seems the perfect time to try out our fascinating new range of “natural” wines from the cool, green North of Spain, which are both lower in alcohol and Sulphites than other wines!

Dominio del Urogallo – natural wines from Asturias (“Green Spain”)

Nicolas Marcos grows and vinifies his wonderful range of personality-packed wines biodynamically – using no added Sulphur – in the cool, hilly and green region of Asturias in northern Spain. He makes his wines from only local grapes, many of which are unknown outside the region, and from very old vines.
Nicolas is a pioneer, an independent thinker and a bit of a provocateur, who left his home in Toro for Asturias because he saw the potential of the region’s soil, climate and indigenous grapes to produce the kind of wines that he loves; elegant, aromatic, low in alcohol, that pair beautifully with food and express a personality as distinctive as his own.
In this age of gradual global warming, it could well turn out that Nicolas is ahead of his time. These cool, fresh and elegant red and white wines with their distinctive personalities could turn out be the future classic wines of Spain.

About natural wines

Natural wines are wines grown organically or biodynamically, with no use of chemicals in the vineyard or winery. Natural winemaking aims to provide the ultimate, unspoilt expression of a vine’s terroir and origin, with the minimum amount possible of human intervention in the winemaking process. The grapes must be picked by hand, and only the natural yeasts found on the grape skins may be used in fermentation. No new oak is used in maturation (because it masks the wine’s true flavours) and the wines are not fined or filtered in order to preserve their purity, personality and natural flavours. Finally, natural wines are bottled using minimal amounts of the preservative Sulphur Dioxide – as a result they are less likely to give you a headache if you are one of those unlucky people who is allergic to Sulphites in wine.