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Mad winery, Mád, Tokaji, Hungary

The village of Mád lies in the heart of Hungary’s famous Tokaji region, and is surrounded by the highest quality vineyards in the entire region. In qualitative terms it is Tokaji’s equivalent of Burgundy’s Vosne Romanée!
Traditionally the Tokaji region is most famous for its amazing sweet wines – rich, honeyed and always with biting acidity – but sweet wines are not easy to sell today so the producers of this region are today making more and more dry wines. Furmint is the key grape for making sweet Tokaji, but, when grown on the unique volcanic soils around Mad and fermented to dryness, it is capable of producing dry wines with real character, individuality and minerality.
The Mad winery is the brainchild of Istvan Szepsy, owner and winemaker of the Szepsy family winery, without doubt Tokaji’s most famous producers. He makes the “Mad” range of wines in a purpose-built winery in the village, with the key objective being to produce a range of wines at lower price points which show off the unique soils and tradition of this historic region.

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looking down on the "Mad" vineyards

the typical volcanic soils around the village of Mád

Mad’s winery in the village of Mád

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