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Bordeaux En Primeur 2015

The beautiful Chateau Kirwan (Appellation Margaux), whose wine we highly recommend this vintage

After a week spent tasting and retasting over 200 wines from the new Bordeaux 2015 vintage out of barrel (en primeur) at the start of April, it is clear that this vintage has produced many excellent wines. But it is not straightforward; the wines are not consistently excellent, and many are significantly more expensive this year than last. So you need to tread carefully!

Please click here to see our carefully compiled offer of our top 20 Bordeaux 2015s:

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We have selected these 20 wines based on 2 very simple criteria:

1. The wine is of outstanding quality at its respective price point, and worthy of buying en primeur (ie nearly 2 years before it can physically be delivered)


2. The wine is fairly priced in comparison with previous vintages, and its peers from this vintage.

If a wine does not meet either of these criteria, we are not offering it to you.

We have varying quantities of these 20 wines available for sale. If you would like to make an order, please send us your order by email:

To read our full Bordeaux 2015 vintage report and learn more insider information about Bordeaux in this vintage, please click here:

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Paul Liversedge MW Bordeaux 2015 report, Schweiz an Sonntag 17th April 2016

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